About us
The band was founded in 1949 initially as the Balmoral Pipe Band and then later adopted the name of The Victory Pipe Band and in 1979 changed its name again to reflect two things that had been constant since its inception – the tartan we wear, Wallace of course and also the fact that we are Liverpool founded and based, hence "THE LIVERPOOL CLAN WALLACE PIPE BAND"

So, what are we about? What are our goals and aspirations? Well its quite simple really, it's to promote the playing, the enjoyment and the teaching of traditional and modern Celtic music – Scottish, Irish and even Welsh on the Great Highland Bagpipes and Drums in a friendly, safe, and family-orientated learning environment and to teach our young people discipline, and respect for each other and also our predecessors. To this end in May 2015 we shall be travelling, for the fifth time, to Ypres in Belgium to pay our respects at the Menin Gate, the WW1 memorial where every night at 8:00pm since 1928 a service of remembrance is held and on 24th May 2015 the band will be leading this commemoration service. Photographs of our previous appearances in Ypres at the Menin Gate can be found on www.lastpostassociation.be

The band is composed of men, women, and children with an age range of 10 to 68. Our president is the renowned Liverpool entertainer Hank Walters and our vice president is Bill McNaughton.
The Chairman and Pipe Major is Rob Blackmore who has been in the band for almost 40 years now.
The Secretary and Drum Major is Alec Stratford with more than 40 years service to the band.
The Treasurer and Bass Drummer is Alan Tyrrell and he has over 20 years service with the band.
The Minute Secretary is Sylvia Kennedy who joined the band at almost the same time as Alan and she is one of only two ladies of Scottish origin in the band.
The remainder of the committee is made up of Mark Baker who is the Pipe Sergeant and Music Librarian, David Walters a piper and the presidents grandson, Claire Lewis, leading tenor drummer, Jean Graham, the second of our Scottish ladies who administers the LCWPB text messaging service and also looks after our weekly lottery. Sheron Blackmore is a co-opted member of the committee.
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