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Please be advised that for the duaration of the COVID-19 pandemic our bands rehersals and scheduled events will be suspended.

We are delighted to have on our new website a new feature to showcase our band members.  We are currently deveolping our list of forthcoming events and appearances so please be sure to keep returning to see where and when we will be playing.

In the meantime, please our short video showing the celebration of the band's 65th anniversary at a beating retreat in May outside the Port of Liverpool building with the band of the Black Watch, the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland in May- the full DVD of which will be available shortly- and also our joint appearance with COLPAD on the Giants Spectacular parades around the city.

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Memories of August 1914 Liverpool Giants Festival.

On the 25th and 27th of July 2014 The Liverpool Clan Wallace Pipe Band took part in and led the Giants Spectacular parade through the city to commemorate World War I in its Centenary. The event, led by French street theatre group Royal De Lux covered 30 miles of Liverpool streets, was witnessed by people in their thousands. The Giants' tour of the City's most famous landmarks was lead by the Liverpool Wallace Clan Pipe Band in Joint collaboration with COLPAD.

Here is a short demo displaying their performances during the festival.

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